It may not seem it but sending gifts in business circles requires a lot more thought than exchanging gifts among family and friends. A personal business gift says everything about you as a company and, depending on what it is; a gift can hold significant meaning for your recipient too. The right gift may forge a long lasting client or colleague relationship while sending an inappropriate one may mean an end to all current and future negotiations.

Fortunately, the following tips outline the etiquette of gift giving in the business world and how to maintain good relationships as a result.


Timing is everything

The most common reason for gift giving in business is to thank a client for their time and cooperation with you. If you are thinking of sending a thank you gift to a recent client or individual thanking them for their services, do not send it longer than two or three weeks after doing business with them. A late last-minute gift appears rude and lazy, giving clients the impression that you felt you should have for the sake of future business.

Similarly, when sending birthday, Christmas or Secret Santa gifts to colleagues and employers, it is best to be organised and time the delivery to ensure they receive gifts on the appropriate day or at least a day before the recipient goes on vacation.


Be wary of cultural difference

One of the worst business faux-pas’ you can make when gift giving is unintentionally insulting a foreign client due to being unaware of certain cultural traits and customs. If you wish to thank an overseas client with a thoughtful and expensive gift, do your research beforehand. Are there certain foods or drink they may not be able to consume for religious or ethical reasons? Could your gift be misconstrued as an insult? Certain colours and objects which have little or no meaning to us may have a strong significance in some cultures so it is always wise to be wary of cultural traditions before sending a well-meaning gift.


Aside from gifts, another great way to add a personal touch in business and stand out from competitors in the process is by delivering your company letters and parcels in All Colourful Envelopes. Whether you need to send out staff party invites or send personal notes of thanks to current clients, do things a little differently with a wide range of envelope styles to suit any occasion – colourful, metallic or even textured.