When your business is setting up any kind of new building one of the first things that you should think about is how it will look from the outside, and that is because first impressions count in business as well as in your personal life. When people come to your building as a customer, potential client, affiliate or anyone else you will want them to be impressed before they even walk through the door, as this will show them that you mean business and that a lot of thought and care has been put into the appearance of your business.


It could be new offices, a shop, leisure centre, superstore, hotel, theme park, commercial premises or anything else, and it is something that people will always notice when they approach the building. If it looks run down, made of a poor material and lacking in brightness then it will immediately bring their mood down, which is of course exactly what you don’t want to happen when they enter the building as it will not be good for business. So, what makes somebody impressed and uplifted when they look at the outside of your new building?


How to Create an Attractive Building

The main things that they will pick up on will be the entrance and the doors, what the material is that makes up the structure, the windows and the roof if they can see it. With the entrance and the windows bigger is always better, and this is because it makes it seem a lot more welcoming and bright, so a large entrance and lots of glass will always work well. For the material you use it can look very smart, professional and welcoming to use wood plastic composite cladding, and this is because it has a natural timber look which is strong, sturdy and weather proof. It is very attractive and economical as well as low maintenance too, and this is why so many businesses are now using it for their buildings.


With top composite material companies, like Dura Cladding, you can get a variety of designs and styles too so you should be able to find the perfect style for your business. This cladding along with a welcoming entrance and large windows will really impress anyone visiting the building, and as soon as they reach the door they will already be happy to be there.