Nowadays, it’s harder to avail of a new vehicle because of Brexit, and changing regulation on car registrations. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the number of newly registered cars in the UK in 2017 declined by 5.4%.

Thankfully, there is another option to get a new ride that won’t require you to invest your entire life savings. Leasing a car for a few years allows you to enjoy the benefits of owning an auto without worrying about its depreciating market value plus the high auto loan payments each month. There are other benefits that you can get out of it, and we will discuss them as we go on.

Drive a better car for less

The best thing about personal car lease deals is that you can choose any vehicle depending on your available budget. You can pick the latest model that comes with more advanced features such as hybrid engines, front and rear cameras, and ergonomic chairs. If you get bored and your lease is up, you can switch to another vehicle.

Save more money

Automobile leasing companies work with major financing firms, so they continuously have access to the most cost-effective deals. Additionally, leasing a car costs less than purchasing a new one because you aren’t required to pay fees for the Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

You also don’t need to worry about selling the vehicle once you don’t like it anymore because you can return it to the leasing company and pay your remaining balance instead. Leasing deals also often come with quality on-demand maintenance services that you can avail of at a small price.

Avoid changing motor parts

With a newly leased car, you are less likely to deal with a defective motor part. Everything included in the vehicle is new, including the air conditioning unit, timing belts and sound system. Hence, you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of pounds to replace them.

Say goodbye to the monopoly of car dealers

By choosing to lease your car, you don’t have to work with car dealers. Instead, you get to work with independent brokers who can provide you with the most cost-effective deals in the market. They can help you find a car that genuinely fits your budget.

Worry no more about the MoT roadworthiness test

Every year, the MoT roadworthiness test is performed on vehicles to determine if they are safe for driving. The motor parts are checked, and the exhaust emissions are measured. If you lease a car, chances are you won’t have to go through this test because your lease is new. Additionally, if you choose personal car lease deals over purchasing a new ride, you will also avoid the hassles of dealing with the PCP certification.

If you badly need a car, but you barely have enough for the down payment, we recommend getting a personal car lease. It’s a more economical option plus it comes with other benefits. Just make sure you find a trusty independent broker to help you find the right choice for your budget and needs.