Office space costs are one of the biggest expenses in a business. Some opt to rent space rather than own space. However, whether it is rent or purchase price, office space is costly either way. It can impact either the capital expenditure or the monthly overhead costs. Thus, being an expensive commodity, you should do everything to make the most of your office space. Here are some tips on how you can do that using panels, storage options, and modular workstations.


Create extra spaces and rooms inside the office using divider panels that can be folded when a larger space is needed and unraveled to make smaller rooms. Acoustic panels can be used to provide some privacy between the divisions. You can also use panels to separate departments within a big office space. Departments can function separately and privately from each other. Panels offer the best benefit as they can be folded and stored conveniently when not in use, and unfolded and installed fairly easily when needed.

Storage options

Make use of spaces that are otherwise left blank and unused. This includes overhead spaces, under the desk, and uneven corners. Install cabinets and shelves that can reach the ceiling. These spaces can be used to store seldom used supplies and equipment. This can free up valuable floor space and easy-to-reach storage spaces. Just keep a ladder ready to reach these overhead storage options. Utilize the space under the desk. Place the computer box beneath the desk so as to free up space on top of the desk. Better yet, use laptops or small form factor desktops that use up minimal space. Install shelves on awkward corners or install low cabinets that can double as surface to place other office equipment such as printers and photocopiers.

Tall storage cabinets can also be used as dividers to separate departments working within a large office space. These storage cabinets can be used to store office documents; hide away seldom used office equipment, and store office supplies in. Low cabinets can be used as side tables to augment surface space, or placed under desks to serve as extra storage options.

Modular desks and stations

Instead of using individual desks, save on space by using modular desks and workstations. These modular desks can have partitions so employees can work privately. However, if the work needs collaboration and open view and communication between the employees, you can take out the top partitions and retain the lower partitions. It can functions as a long conference table with separate cabinets under their corresponding desks. The beauty of modular desks and workstations is that you can make all sorts of configurations with it. They snap into each other to make a long row of workstations or into groups of four as a medium-sized table. You can even install half doors and full doors depending on the need. They offer a variety of potential configurations that can be utilized in any office setup.