Like all marketing methods and techniques, online marketing has its own myths and legends, truths and falsehoods, all being passed around from person to person. It’s time to cut through all the confusion and clarify some of these common myths about marketing your business online. You may have heard these before, and you may hear them in the future, but now you’ll know the truth and be able to market yourself more effectively online because of it.

1. It’s the Only Marketing You Need

Just because you have a website and a Twitter page now doesn’t mean you should give up on more traditional forms of marketing. Internet marketing is meant to include more people, not exclude others. By focusing only on your online marketing, you lose an entire demographic of people who don’t use the Internet much. The most effective method is to combine both traditional and digital marketing techniques.

2. It’s Free

While you can get some great marketing done using unpaid methods online, there are definitely some costs involved if you want to make the most of it. You’ll need to pay for a website, and you’ll also want to occasionally pay for advertising, such as extra visibility for your business’ Facebook posts. It’s not a money-sucking black hole, but, just like with anything, you’ll want to pay for quality.

3. Only the Experts Can Do It

The basic techniques of online marketing are simple, and anyone with a basic knowledge of computers and the Internet can either figure it out themselves or be trained to do it. You don’t need to worry about hiring entire staff members just to update your website. Once you’ve learned how it works, you can do most of it yourself.

4. Only Teenagers Use Social Media

The social media networks are growing all the time, and a huge percentage of the population uses them daily. Don’t discount getting a Twitter or a Pinterest because teens aren’t your target demographic. You can use social media to draw in customers of all ages.

5. You Need to Go Viral

First of all, going viral isn’t something you can force. More importantly, though, it isn’t necessary to boost your business. Focus on creating good content that will be consistently helpful to potential customers. Your goal is to get people coming back again and again to your site, not just creating a video that will give you 15 minutes of fame and then be gone.