In this day and age where people are being bombarded with a barrage of information, products, and businesses, it can be increasingly difficult to ensure that your business gets noticed amongst the slew of potential competitors. Another hefty difficulty in the information age is the speed at which everything changes. The marketing tactics you may have learned in your MBA program 5 years ago could be considered dated today, and missing key opportunities to reach investors and consumers. In today’s business climate age, there are 5 ways to start ensuring your business breaks through the noise of your competitors. 

Business Noticed1) Innovation

Innovation is key. What grabs the attention of the public more than anything else is a unique idea that stands out from the other images they see all day. Every industry has an opportunity to conduct business or simply just their marketing in a creative and potentially “non-conventional” way. Don’t be afraid to push the limits and try something new- it could be what sets you apart in the best way.

2) Clear Business Strategy
A clear business strategy is also essential to make a memorable impact on your audience. Your purpose of business and the benefits of choosing your company over your competitors should be simple and concise. Considering how quickly today’s generations want and can obtain information as well as the slew of other companies are competing for their attention, it’s imperative that you state your purpose directly and remained focus on a clearly defined goal.

3) SEO
Your company’s website should be the place where all the above-mentioned items work together in unison. In addition, SEO is incredibly necessary to ensure that your company reaches the top of a Google search when potential customers are looking for the services you provide. To implement proper SEO, you can learn a few tactics on your own or hire outside companies who specialize in getting your website to the top of search results in the most popularly used search engines.

4) Hire Experts
Like we mentioned earlier, the technology industry is always changing and thus so are the ways in which you can take advantage of it in your business and marketing plans. Hiring a business plan consultant would be a wise decision if you don’t have the time to keep up with the ever-changing marketing tactics. Keeping up with these trends, particularly technology which grows at an exponential rate, is a full time job. Hiring someone who focuses on technology and how it relates to your business plan as a full time job means you’ll have the latest and greatest knowledge to help your business stand out and succeed.

5) Social Media
You may be tired of hearing the importance of social media within your marketing plan, but if you haven’t already taken advantage of various social media platforms- then you’re 100% behind the times. Social media is one of the best ways to reach consumers on an individual and personal basis, straight to their phones, tablets, or home computers. It also provides the opportunity to have a conversation with your customers and hear exactly what they’re looking for from your business.

Written by Todd Smith of Blue Horizon Venture Consulting, the leader in fundable business plan packages.