Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are the equipment helping to drive automation on the production line, with their ability to perform quality control faster and with more accuracy than humans ever could. This sophisticated equipment rescued North American manufacturing, helping it become competitive again when it was reeling due to competition abroad that benefited from fewer regulations and cheaper labour.

CMM machines scan parts as tiny as micrometres or over a hundred feet large, and can tell if the newly produced part contains a flaw. That is an important job, and one that requires results which are absolutely dependable and reliable.

To get the most use from your equipment you can always hire professionals well-versed in what is CMM certification to ensure your CMM machines keep delivering the results your business needs, but make sure you’ve also explored these paths as well.

Install Your CMM Machine Professionally

CMM machines are highly sensitive equipment, and you need a well-trained metrologist to install it so they can take into account the specific conditions unique to that location where it’ll be operating. The machine’s performance can be impacted by factors like room temperature, so this needs to be adjusted for right away.

Just like you need to carefully ensure the machines are calibrated properly from the beginning, regular maintenance throughout its lifetime is important too. You should seek out authorized dealers when your machine needs upgrades and retrofits, CMM calibration, portable arm calibration, machine relocation or preventative maintenance.

Top-Level Professional Help Only

If your company does not have its own in-house metrology expert, don’t simply hire the nearest mechanic! You can hire a metrology expert on contract to consult about calibrating your machine and sourcing replacement parts. It doesn’t matter what kind of CMM machine you have, they know about them all and can give expert advice on probe heads and the latest software.

The most reliable metrology experts are associated with companies which have been in business for decades, and that repair all the major brands. Finally, a metrology expert is only trustworthy if they’re ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 accredited.

Servicing Contracts

Your company can be certain that its CMM machine is always in “top notch” condition by hiring a metrology expert that issues a Service and Preventative Maintenance contract. The best ones offer a guaranteed response time of at least eight hours, weekend service, and a fixed-cost per year.

Keep Your Employees Trained in Automation

There are important processes in automation which do not work by machine alone. Your CMM machine can work more effectively if the people working alongside it are sufficiently trained. If the employees at your company take CMM training and e-courses given by measurement solutions providers, it’s the best way of making sure the machines themselves deliver all they can.

CMM machines need to be working perfectly for them to work at all — follow all these recommendations and yours will give you reliable and vital services for years to come.