Thailand is home to some of the biggest corporate houses in the world. From Electronics to health care, Information technology to automobiles, Thailand has it all. People across the globe come to Thailand to work in these multinationals. The country is also becoming a sought after destination for startups as well. Be it a big corporate house or a startup, the common factor that unites all companies is their search for top executives.

Almost all big companies are dependent on staffing agencies for their executive search in Thailand. There are a lot of advantages in doing this. Mentioned below are some of the factors why it makes sense to pass on the responsibility to a staffing agency rather than the company doing it on their own?

Find the best talents:

Most reputed agencies of Thailand have a very good database of top executives along with their credentials. Once the brief is passed on to them, they revert with the resumes of ideal candidates who are seeking that kind of a role. You will get what exactly you are looking for without going through much pain. The agency in Thailand will do the initial interviews and send you the exact niche you have in mind.

Time is a valuable resource, save it:

The equation is simple. It will take you a lot of valuable time to search for the ideal candidate in Thailand. In fact, executive search Thailand is not easy. To set up your own interview panel and searching for a perfect candidate from scratch will take a lot of time. An agency on the other hand is capable of supplying talent in a stipulated deadline. You can always conduct the final interview before hiring them.


A staffing agency in Thailand will ensure that you get the best talent. From the initial screening to conducting interviews, from background checks to salary negotiation, they will do it all. End to end recruitment is a laborious process, but these agencies have a great deal of expertise in doing this. They are thoroughly reliable and will stay with you every step of the way.

It is lucrative:

There are various ways in which a staffing agency in Thailand can save money for you. Firstly, they will save time of your in house resources. Secondly, to interview a perspective candidate, you have to follow them in from outside. This involves a major cost to the company. An agency will save you that cost. Thirdly, with increased competition in the talent hunt market, you are more likely to strike a good deal with a reputed agency at a very good price. Thus, at a meager cost you can save a lot of money for your company.

Long term solution:

In times such as these where attrition rate is sky high in most companies, recruitment agencies can be a perfect solution. They can be looked as a long term solution for your executive search Thailand. With a good turnaround time and a wide pool of resources, they can be your trusted partner for executive search. 

Finally, if you do business in Thailand or want to start one, then you should take the help of staffing agencies at the time of carrying out executive search Thailand.