Small businesses are struggling in today’s economy. Unlike startups (that usually have decent funding), and big companies (that already paved their way), small businesses have difficulties to survive. This is the most saturated business category – the number of small businesses scattered all around the globe is very significant.

That also implies that this is the most competitive category. The competition is fierce and it’s becoming tougher and tougher along with the further development of technology – which is exactly what you need to pay attention to.

The best chance of success you have are tools. In order to upgrade your business and make it function on an entirely new level, you need to explore your options when it comes tools.

Hiring Channels

Hand holding megaphone with we’re hiring announcement

Hiring is often a dreadful process; it takes a significant amount of time for you to create an opening, announce that your hiring, collect resumes, conduct interviews, and last but certainly not least – make a decision and choose between a number of equally qualified candidates.

While you’re going through the hiring process, your business is losing money. Your energy and effort are directed towards finding perfect employee, while you could be working on perfecting your offer.

The good thing is that you can cut this process in half. Just check out different hiring platforms; they will offer you a wide range of candidates suitable for your opening. It’s up to you to get in touch with them and see how they perform on the interview.

Customer Relationship Management

Your business depends on your customers. This is the field where small businesses fight their battles – collecting and retaining customers.

In a world where everything is available to an average customer, their loyalty will lie with the business that treats them differently – not just as a customer, but a friend of the company. This situation isn’t problematic when you’re dealing with a small number of customers. But, as those numbers grow, it will become challenging.

For that reason, you’re in need of customer relationship management software. This tool will enable you to file customer profiles, keep records on your leads and prospects, and enhance your offer by personalizing it according to the individual wishes of your customers.

Freelancing Platforms

If you’re struggling to find work, perhaps you should investigate another job market – freelancing platforms. In these professional environments, you’d be able to find a variety of projects, you’ll be able to make your offer, and find temporary work.

Live Chat Software

Every business needs a support center. This is a medium via which your audience is able to communicate with you about the issues they encountered. As a small business, chances are you have problems with lack of staff. Maintaining employees in a 24/7 support center can drive your business to the ground.

You should get familiar with live chat, if you’re not already. This piece of software enables your website visitors to get in touch with your employees directly. Not only they can share problematic matters, but they can also seek information regarding your list of products and services. It’s a small change you should make, but it can make a serious difference.

Automation Instruments

A lack of employees is a problem that many small businesses face. However, an even bigger problem appears – hiring a new employee won’t be as tricky as covering the costs of this undertaking.

Therefore, instead of trying to find an outside solution, you should turn inwards and take a look at your infrastructure. Thanks to different automation solutions, you’ll be able to mechanize a wide range of processes, such is document approval, orders and deliveries, repetitive actions, etc.

Once you automate a significant part of your business, your employees and you can dedicate your energy to more creative, profitable tasks.

A contemporary small business needs to rely on tools. Each of the tools that’s listed above can help you cut down costs, enhance your business model, and assist you in collecting and retaining new customers. However, make sure to conduct thorough research while browsing through different tools; you’ll be faced with an extensive choice and your decision needs to be based on the needs of your company.