When it comes to writing content online, there are many strategies for getting what you’ve written read. However, if you’re using your content in conjunction with search engine optimization efforts, you want to get beyond simply writing content just for the sake of writing content. But for many, this is easier said than done.


For those of you who are still unsure the best way to create content online while also having it benefit your SEO strategy, here are three tips for getting you started on the right path.

Craft Your Titles Carefully

With online writing, titles carry a lot of weight. If something doesn’t sound appealing to a reader, they won’t click on it and it’ll never get read. Period. On the other hand, if you go too far in the other direct with “clickbait” titles, you’ll leave your reader feeling dissatisfied and frustrated by your ploys.


When coming up with titles and headlines for your articles or blogs, Maria Konnikova of the New Yorker states that you should think of your title as framing the rest of your content. This means that your title should give your reader an accurate sense of what they will find when they scan through your content, including tone, purpose, and any takeaways. By creating a title that conveys this information in an exciting and entertaining way, you can get your content seen by many eyes, infinitely strengthening your SEO game.


Write Your Content for Online Readers

If you had a local office space in Atlanta, you wouldn’t expect people from other parts of the country to be too interested in your business, right? Therefore, you wouldn’t want to cater your marketing efforts to someone in Portland or Austin. This same principle works for online marketing as well. The content you put online should be for specific groups of people, not for humanity in general—and especially not for search algorithms.


To better understand how to write content for specific online readers, Neil Patel, an Internet marketing and SEO expert, states that you must understand that the human aspect of writing content comes before all else. This means you focus your efforts on writing content that is useful for specific people and will encourage those people to act. Your content does you no good if you need people in Atlanta to act but you’ve only written content for the people of Portland and Austin.


Optimize For Current SEO Practices

Content optimization is what will give your written work the final SEO polish. However, because there are so many different strategies for optimizing content for SEO, it’s nearly impossible to hit them all in one piece of content. On a positive note, many of the SEO experts polled by Arnie Kuenn with MarketingLand.com shared that the most important way you can optimize your content for SEO is to keep it very focused on your audience. By creating relevant and unique content for your audience that is centered around a specific topic, a lot of your SEO optimizations will just take care of themselves.


Writing quality content that will also help your SEO excel is an attainable goal. As long as you’ve put in the time and effort to write for your specific audience, optimize your content for search, and make your content irresistible to prospective readers, you can see an improvement in your online marketing goals through your content efforts.