In order to settle legal disputes, employing the services of a solicitor will be required to resolve cases in respect to UK law. These are specially trained professionals who have received a practicing certificate from the Solicitors Regulation Authority and comply with its Code of Conduct.

There are numerous reasons why one may be needed, from less urgent affairs such as writing a will, to more serious matters like a custody battle. Because of this, many solicitors will now train in specialised areas of law; and be better suited to your specific case.

SolicitorHere are 5 reasons why you may need a solicitor.

·       Personal Injury Claim

If you watch television, you will no doubt have seen a variety of personal injury adverts proclaiming their ability to help you win a compensation case. These are where individuals have been injured because of someone else’s misconduct or negligence. Claims are largely made when an accident happens in the workplace, on the road, or in a public area.

Hiring a solicitor will make a claim much easier, especially if the other party denies responsibility. The majority of them will also offer a free consultation to assess the chances of your case being successful.

·       Writing a Will

When you die, you must decide what will happen to your money, investments and possessions after you’re gone. If you don’t do this, the government will decide what happens to your estate. In some cases, your loved ones may be excluded from the will partially or even entirely.

It is possible to write a will for yourself, although this is not advisable in more complicated matters. This will apply when children from different marriages, additional spouses or very large estates are involved.

·       Buying a House

Although buying a home is an exciting venture, there are many considerations that make it a drawn-out, complicated and often frustrating process. The know-how of a lawyer is extremely handy to help you through the purchase, especially for first time buyers.

A solicitor will assist you with many things, notably how to choose the correct survey for the property, arrange a mortgage, sort insurance details and handle financial issues. Paying for legal representation now will potentially save you thousands in the future as problematic areas can be avoided.

·       Divorce

Divorce is an unfortunate outcome of a marriage and not always amicably settled between the two parties. Although the process has become easier over the years and can even be done without the help of a solicitor, any contested affairs will require legal help.

This especially is the case if children are involved and custody cannot be agreed. The same goes with the division of finances and assets, along with future periodical payments between spouses. Solicitors help with all these matters, conversing with their legal counterpart on your behalf.

·       Criminal Cases

If you have committed a crime and are being taken to court, you will need to be represented by a defence solicitor who will explain what you should expect and also help build your case. You can employ these on a private basis, or have one appointed on your behalf by the relevant jurisdiction.

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