If you are a chain smoker, you must be hearing suggestions and advice from close ones about the effects of smoking. You must have heard several times those smoking causes heart diseases, bronchitis, stroke, emphysema, cancer, stroke, and other chronic problems. As per records in the U.S. And all over the world, chain-smoking is the major cause of death.


Young people are most likely not to pay attention to all the health hazards related to constant smoking. Presently, you will also find a lot of replacements for cigarettes in the market. For example, e-cigarettes are arguably safer options to replace cigarettes. However, there are several risks of e-cigarettes too.


If you or one of your loved one is a victim of smoking e-cigarettes because he thought it was safe, you can file a Juul lawsuit. In this way, you will be able to claim any kind of compensation against your medical treatment, trauma, wage loss and any other effect due to smoking an e-cigarette. You must complain to the company selling such artificial smoking devices. This article is all about the major reasons why you should quit smoking. If you can successfully quit smoking, there will also be no reason for you to find a replacement for a cigarette anyway.


Reasons to quit smoking


The following are some of the most important reasons why you should give up cigarettes.


  1. The smoky odor


If you are a chain smoker, you will inevitably smell like one. Your body odor changes when you smoke constantly and this can be an embarrassment in several public places. Most of the times, smokers are conscious of this odor that comes from their body and especially breathing. Therefore, it is difficult for them to mix with people easily anywhere.


  1. Loss of taste


As per medical experts, chain smokers are more likely to suffer from weak senses when they have been smoking for a long time. The major sensation that they lose first is of taste. Food starts to taste blander and more tasteless with time. It is a gradual change but sadly it is almost non-curable.


  1. Premature aging


A major cause of premature aging is smoking. You will be surprised to know that smoking causes early sagging and wrinkling of facial skin especially. As per dermatological experts, smoking affects the biological functioning of the body that leads to premature aging. Smoking caused blood vessels to contract and thus restrict proper blood circulation. The skin tissues start getting damaged with time and you are left with dull and aging skin.


  1. Difficult to find a partner


When you want to find a partner or mate, smoking is going to become a barrier during several instances. When you look for partners online or in newspapers and magazines, there are criteria of ‘no smoking’ in most of the advertisements. Also, if you feel you are going to leave smoking once you start dating someone, sorry to say but it is not that easy. Your urge will not let you get over your addiction. Such problems may lead to splits or ugly divorces.


Final thoughts:


The long-term health hazards may not scare you but the social hazards of smoking should make an effect on your mind. Leave smoking to lead a healthier and happier life.