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Businesses can be liable for any things that go on in their premises. They can be liable for unsound financial dealings. They can be liable for tax fraud. They can be liable for breaking data protection laws. They can also be liable for causing injury to customers. While no business wants injured customers, it seems like some businesses don’t know the core reasons why they should be protecting their customers. To help them understand, we’ve put together a little list of why.

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Trust is essential to customers. If they don’t trust you, they won’t use your business. That’s that. What happens when your business can’t be trusted to be a safe environment? You lose customers. Nobody wants to risk personal injury no matter how great your product is. So how can you make customers trust you? By giving them a friendly and safe environment.

Legal Reasons

If a customer slips because of business negligence, a slip and fall attorney could take your business for all it is worth. Slipping over might not seem like the biggest injury, but it can end very nastily in a lot of cases. What if the person who slipped was carrying a hot drink? What if they fall on other people? How about if they fall into furniture? There are so many separate ways this incident could play out, but it may only end in one result. The business in court, and losing at that.

Employee Safety

Safety measures for customers also apply to employees. They are likely if not more likely to injure themselves on the same hazards that threaten customers. Employee safety is just as important as customer safety. They can be one in the same and put together through the same methods. While employees have their duty to keep customers safe, as the employer it is in your remit to protect everybody in your premises.

Competitive Service

If your business has an issue with safety, what’s to stop another business getting one over on you? A failure in safety is just another weakness another business can exploit. If whatever is happening in your business can put customers at risk, that’s an area that a rival can use against you. If you are a coffee shop and your lids are not fit for purpose, another shop can use better lids and reap the benefit. Customers will start to catch on if something in your business is inadequate. That’ll cause them to seek out something better.

Public Relations

Customers being injured on the premises of a business is public relations poison. If the story is picked up by local or even national news, it can damage your business enormously. If you can spin it as an isolated incident, it may be possible to get away without much damage. It is unlikely that there will be no impact though. All negative press stories have an impact on businesses if they are the subject.

The best way to prevent any of these from happening? Just put customer and employee safety as a top priority for your business.