There are various printing methods that we have long made use of for our various needs, especially if we are running a business and we require printed material of good quality and in bulk. But while you can take advantage of more traditional printing methods, there is one method which has already become the norm for many businesses: digital printing. Digital printing is a game-changer, allowing you to benefit from the high-quality printing of virtually anything you need for your business – from product labels to stickers to flyers, banners, company stationery, and more. But what else can you expect from digitally-printed material that makes it better than other printed materials from traditional printing methods? Here’s what you should know about the real advantages of digital printing for labels, stickers, and more.

  • Much better quality

If you’re looking for the best quality in terms of your printed materials, digital printing definitely delivers. The colours in your printed material will have an enhanced resolution and will stand out in a much bolder and better way, and you can also expect consistency with digital printing, which means that no matter how many orders you have, the quality will remain the same. In standard flexographic printing, you can often see lines in the printed material, but you won’t get this with digital printing because the screens can fade to zero per cent.

If you are looking to have the best quality labels for your products, digital printing is a premium choice as it doesn’t require ‘trapping’, which is where colours are essentially ‘trapped’ together to disguise the normal movement of colours, which can result in overlapping colours. There is no ‘trapping’ involved in digital printing, unlike in flexographic printing, leaving you with a more accurate and attractive printed material every time.

  • Lower cost

In digital printing, there is no use of printing plates, which can save you money when it comes to pre-printing expenses, as confirmed by the experienced printers in Stockport from Harveyboard Print & Digital. Furthermore, the setup of the machine is faster. In traditional printing presses, a low-volume order often takes a longer time to set up – essentially hours of wasted time for just a few prints. Digital printing no longer needs the setting up of the machine, so you can just print and go. Compared to traditional pressing and printing, digital printing doesn’t require colour or plate change-overs, which saves you time and money as it doesn’t result in downtime. The press proof used for digital printing also comes at a much lower cost than standard or traditional pressing.

  • More flexibility

With digital printing, you can easily switch to new labels in minutes as long as the sizes and materials are the same, unlike with traditional printing. Digital presses also have more capabilities than traditional presses. For instance, if you require new data on a new print, the digital press can simply pull the data from your database and then print it onto your new label. The digital press can keep on running as long as it can pull the information it needs for printing from the database. The machine will only stop if you require a new label with new information. With all its advantages, digital printing is your best choice indeed.


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