Companies have several reasons to train their employees. It increases productivity, reduces the need for supervision, adds to the employees’ skills, and lessens the turnover rate for the company. There are several types of training available to employees including leadership training, management training, or training to use programs such as Cognos training or Photoshop training.

If you are interested to train in a specific area, it might be time to talk to Human Resources and see the options that are available to you. This will not only be beneficial to the company, but to yourself as well. Below are some of the training courses that are available to employees.

Job Training

If you are new in your place of work, you should undergo job training. Training for your new role in a company can take just a few days or weeks, depending on the job that you have. Most companies do this on your first day of work. You will be taught how to go about your daily tasks, your responsibilities in the office, or how to use programs that are necessary for your job.

Safety Training

If you work in an environment where there are plenty of hazards, it is crucial to undergo safety training, especially if you are dealing with heavy machinery that can cause accidents. When you undergo safety training, make sure that you understand everything. Ask questions if you need to in order to make sure that you don’t put yourself at risk. Your company is responsible for giving you safety training courses to ensure your safety in the workplace.


Being promoted is one of our main goals in the workplace. If you feel that you have the necessary skills and attitude to advance in your career ladder, maybe it’s time for you to have a mentor. If you are a highly-rated employee and your boss recognizes your talent, a mentor will teach you more skills that you need to advance in your work. Though this is not a course, the one-on-one training will allow you to effectively learn the things that you need to learn to be a better employee.

External Training

Training courses are not just in-house. There are some companies that send their valuable employees to take workshops conducted outside of the office. Some may even enroll you to a university so you can further your knowledge and improve your skills. Talk to your HR if your company offers external training to employees.

Promotional Training

If you are up for promotion, it is crucial to undergo promotional training so that you are prepared to handle higher level jobs. The company is typically the one responsible for choosing employees who are eligible for promotion. However, some companies also open some positions to existing employees.

There are some of the training courses that are available to you as an employee. If you want to go further in your career, working hard is the answer. If you do your job right and have an edge over your colleagues, more career opportunities will be made available to you.