Drink and drive are the most common case that you will come across. Despite many warnings and many rules, people often do this crime. If you have been hit by a car and you noticed the driver was drunk, you would be in a little profit. The main reason for that is because the driver was drunk, you could get justice if you plan to go legal against them. Don’t forget to capture some photos of the car to get the information on the car or else it will be very difficult to get those culprits.

Once you do these things, you can take all the things to the lawyer and they will be able to settle the entire thing for money. In most cases, the opponent will agree to pay for all the expenses and settle the case. Some of the recoveries you can get from such cases are

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of salaries and wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damage cost if any

If the injury is more, you will be losing a lot of your money in hospitals and bills. Along with this, there might be some of the damage seen if you were also in the vehicle. You can get all of that money as a claim. Also, when you are in the hospital, you might not be able to get your regular wages and salaries. Don’t worry, Portland car accident attorneys will also help you get the money for all of those lost salaries and the wages. Moreover, if the injury is more and you are in a lot of pain. You can ask your lawyers to ask for the pain and suffering returns in the form of money. In other words, you would be able to get a lot of amount in the claim.

Now, the question is why you should get to the lawyers.

Why you should go to lawyers?

Drink and drive are against the law and still, there are many of the people doing the same thing. It might be an enjoyment for them but on the same side, it is a disadvantage for other people. Sometimes people might get injured badly in case of drink and drive. The driver doesn’t know anything about the situation as he/she is drunk and the other person will be in the hospital for many days depending upon the accidents.

Despite many warnings and many hoarding that says not to do such things, people are still doing it. Therefore, you should surely go legal against them and get the solution for the whole problem. Maybe if they have to face the case once, they would not do it again. This is just one of the reason you should go to Portland car accident attorneys to get the solution for the same. The other reason is of course about your pain, suffering, hospital bills, and not to forget the loss of salaries. For all of this reason, you can go to the lawyer and talk about the entire situation.