Everyone wants to make the world a better place, don’t you? The question that I feel needs to be asked is whether big business is interested in reducing their carbon footprint as well as plowing some of their profit back into the community via social responsibility programmes. In my opinion, Trade24 is a company that takes the need to reduce carbon emissions as well as embark on social responsibility programmes seriously. As a result, companies who partner with Trade24 are proud to state that they are contributing towards the addressing of international concerns.

How is Trade24 contributing towards technological development and social change? Mina Fabulous from News Blaze discusses it in her article on Trade24’s achievements. In short, Trade24 is developing Virtual Reality (VR) glasses with the aim of improving communication between its staff and business partners. These VR glasses, used in conjunction with version 2 of the VOIP (Voice over IP) protocol, will improve the company’s ability to communicate with people all over the globe. Imagine how easily you will be able to communicate with your clients without even having to leave your office. Think of all the time you will save by not having to fly across the Atlantic, or other oceans, and how much you will be able to contribute to the reduction of the worldwide carbon emissions. Mina Fabulous quotes Michael Gruszelius, the CEO of Trade24 as having said that he has “pledged that virtual communication will be expanded out to its clients and representatives wherever possible in order to avoid their own additional carbon footprint from unnecessary business travel.”

Trade24 is involved in a number of social responsibility programmes. The first social programme it supports, is an education programme. The company believes that the concept of life-long learning is preferable to learning that only takes place in schools. As a result, they have been and continue to be major financial supporters of the Unschooling Programme initiative. The Unschooling Programme promotes providing education beyond the limits of a classroom. The learning methods and academic programme introduced by the Unschooling programme has less structure but more scope for individual development. The results speak for themselves. Students are, on average, harder working and have developed a sense of responsibility which makes them ideal candidates for formal employment.

The second area that Trade24 is involved in is food programmes that feed the economically and physically disadvantaged. It is a known fact that hunger is an international issue. Hunger also impairs a person’s ability work and provide a meaningful contribution to society. Trade24 also makes sure that the food programmes it supports provide healthy, nutritious food.

In conclusion, Trade24 is not only a successful multi-national corporation, it also has an innovative and philanthropic vision. It is leveraging new technology to reduce its carbon footprint as well as encouraging new ways of education, and providing assistance to those in need. I believe the reason why Trade24 is a success is because it has the heart to change history.