Everyone could benefit from some educated incite, especially when it pertains to your business or financial decisions.  Finding a trustworthy source for that information can sometimes be a challenge.  You can’t just trust anything you read.  We all know that.  Besides talking to your financial advisor, you should always put in your own effort to gather helpful information when it comes to your finances.  Here are a few of the top sites available to help you analyze numbers and make sound investment decisions.


This website is great for first-timers!  If you’re not even sure what you’re doing when it comes to investment planning and other financial workings, this site will tell you everything you need to know.  Any sort of terminology you may encounter that is foreign to you is easily defined on this site.  Search for anything!  You can also search any company on the market by name, and you will find a plethora of different information about them.  This information is priceless for financial decision making.


This site is said to be one of the easiest to navigate and interpret.  It’s clean and simple functionality appeals to the organizational monster within us all.  They also offer an array of free tools to analyze stock charts and even historical charting.  A paid option is offered with more functions and services, but even the free version of this site is extremely helpful.

Wall Street Cheat Sheet

This site will do just what its name has promised.  It’s an all inclusive investment cheat sheet.  They don’t use numbers or research without permission or until it has already been published to the general public elsewhere.  This way you know that their information is more likely to be solid and reliable.  This is not just a website to find a bunch of graphs and numbers, here you can find more commentary and investment analysis.

Yahoo Finance

You may not think that you can really find much information and advice through Yahoo, but it’s actually quite a nice resource.  You will be required to pay for some company reports, but every other service they offer is absolutely free.  They keep up with finance news, research, and helpful quotes alongside the charting services.

Motley Fool

Despite the name, this site is all about business.  Here you can do your own research, with the option of bringing in the advice of a seasoned financial advisor anytime you’d like.  Their advice has had positive results, and nothing but rave reviews on their services.  The site is free unless you choose to speak to a professional.  Those sessions are priced accordingly, and available anytime you need.