If you’re looking to make a quick sale, this is the worst possible time for a speedy turn-around. Last year, only half of the properties put on the market actually sold. Whilst you can’t do anything to alter the fate of the housing market, there are things you can do to set your home apart from the rest and give it the best possible chance of numbering amongst the half that do sell – and sell quickly, at that. If you’re in a bad situation and need a quick sale to stop you from being repossessed, or have an imminent move abroad planned, don’t despair. Here’s some advice to ensure you see the speedy turnaround you need.

  1. Finish Those DIY Jobs

People who are selling their homes often think it’s a pointless endeavour to finish off those little niggling DIY jobs that have spent the last few months (or years) at the bottom of their to-do list. However, the more a potential buyer has to do themselves, the more it will put them off. Even those who remain interested might ask for a reduction in price, as a full survey or Homebuyers Report is likely to pick up on them.

  1. Spring Clean

Clean your house from top to bottom. Wipe away every speck of dust and grime – no-one wants to live with somebody else’s dirt. Then get rid of the clutter. Pack away your piles of videos, your tools, your dirty washing. Viewers won’t expect your property to look like a show home, but they will expect you to have made an effort to show it to its full potential. Don’t make them turn their brains inside out trying to work out what actually lies beneath your mess. As you clean and tidy, try to depersonalise; a buyer needs to imagine themselves in your property and that’s a lot harder to do with your personal things strewn all over the place. This is especially important if you have collections or hobbies, and has the added bonus of getting things packed up in preparation for your move.

  1. Create the Right First Impression

First impressions are everything. A buyer’s first sight of your property will be of the exterior. If it doesn’t appeal to them as they drive by, they’re not going to waste their time booking a viewing. Give your property a facelift: wash the windows, repaint the door and tidy the garden. If you’re going to make a sale, you have to get people through the door.

  1. Don’t Stick to One Estate Agent

If you need a quick sale, the worst possible position for you is to be stuck in a six month contract with an estate agent that can’t sell your property. Advertise your home with at least three agents, rather than tying yourself into a contract with one. Although you won’t be entitled to the discounts associated with exclusive contracts, a higher fee is a small price to pay for a property which actually sells.

  1. Approach A Quick Sale Enterprise

If you’ve come to the end of the line with your property and you can’t wait any longer, get in touch with a business like the House Buyer Bureau. Quick sale enterprises will buy a property in any condition and location – they don’t care if your colour scheme is outdated or you’re DIY project in the bathroom is only half done. These businesses will finalise the sale of your house within seven days, ensuring that your property is off your hands and cash is in your pocket when you most need it.