Modern-day industry is dependent upon quick timescales and expertise in specialist fields. This is why it is important, when it comes to completing the testing phase of weld inspections, that it is done efficiently and correctly. Having someone who knows what they are looking at and who can pick up on any issues quickly is vital to businesses of today.


Flexibility in the Field

Any good quality-assurance company will be able to offer businesses several options in respect to the type of testing that is available to them. Knowing what to offer and when is the sign of an experienced and professional company. It is pointless to perform any type of destructive testing when there are clear reasons why this is neither practical nor cost-efficient for the company concerned.

Being able to provide the most advanced technology available to companies, such portable X-ray machines, means that external quality-assurance companies are able to ensure that the best service possible is provided to their industrial partners.

Methods Available to Companies

Any company which is employed to perform testing on things like weld seams should be qualified and experienced in the field. If this is the case, they should be able to tell you quickly whether you will need destructive or non-destructive testing methodologies to be used. This information should be part of any test strategy plan that they provide you with and should be discussed with the relevant members of your staff in detail. It is not cost-effective to select the incorrect type of testing, and you should be able to trust that the company you employ to complete the quality assurance of your products can provide the best possible advice.

Test Techniques

There are many techniques which can be incorporated as part of an ongoing test strategy. These should be agreed upon before the testing phase begins and will be dependent upon the company’s product type. Techniques like radiography, magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, and plain old visual testing can all form part of any test plan. It does not have to be one type that is used, and, indeed, many companies start out with visual testing to pick up on obvious flaws before moving onto the more detailed options like X-rays.

Ensuring that your company has a test strategy in place, whether it is internal or outsourced to a third party, is an important activity. Getting this phase of your manufacturing process right can mean cost-efficiencies that benefit the company going forward. It is also a good practice which will keep your customers happy for years to come.

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