Many people have come to the conclusion that corporations are following them around. This is not in any physical sense but rather in terms of seeing a series of very familiar ads popping up, no matter what site they visit online. For those who have noticed this phenomenon, it is not a question of the Americans marking you down as an al Qaeda operative. Instead, it is the tangible manifestation of AdWords remarketing in action.


AdWords remarketing is the newest improvement on the time-tested cookie. While the original garden variety cookie burrowed into your system and let a website know that it was you who was returning and certain settings should be adjusted to recognise this, AdWords remarketing expands on that basic principle. Instead of being a single site cookie, AdWords remarketing cookies open with virtually every website you visit and tell that site, assuming it is a search engine affiliate, to run ads based on the web pages you visited when browsing through website X.


This is still in the realm of regular cookie-like behavior, but the concept is not marketing but remarketing, which means that this represents a second opportunity to pitch a product to a visitor who did not bite the first time. For example, simply hitting them with the same offer has only a limited success rate. Instead, AdWords remarketing has proven to be highly effective by modifying the terms of the original offer. Offering some sort of additional promotional discount brings a high percentage of recipients back to the original website. At the very least, they end up taking a second look.


While AdWords remarketing is a powerful tool to bring back customers who view pages on their home or office computers, it is an absolutely perfect match for mobile devices and social media. Instead of making its appeal to a single person, social media allows AdWords remarketing to blanket the entire group. The real beauty of it all rests in the fact that AdWords remarketing only requires one small snippet of pre-built code to be added to your website.


That one tiny addition represents a powerful and greatly adjustable tool for revisiting the ones who happened across your web pages but didn’t stay to make a purchase. It can be used to pitch the same offer that was originally made, an improvement on the original offer, a different offer, or even an entirely new offer on some other website.’s Adwords remarketing services provide expertise in utilising this online marketing technique to recapture your website’s visitors. To learn more about AdWords remarketing practices visit