Reputation management companies do brilliant work for a huge range of clients and they have repaired and maintained the reputations of many public figures, civilians and businesses. In fact if you need any further proof of that you only need to check out some of the reputation management consultant reviews to see how glowing the feedback is from the client which they have had. We know that these companies do great work but how do they go about fixing someone’s online reputation ? Let’s take a look.


Social Media


Social media is a vitally important tool for anyone who is trying to manage and improve their online reputation and this will often be the first place that the company start. They will perform a full review of your social media page and ensure that it is up to scratch. Following this they will look at ways of sharing and posting content which will fall in line with the voice that you are looking for, and using their expertise they will do so at a time which is likely to get the most traction from others.


Negative Content


There is a common myth that reputation management companies delete content off the internet, it is important to mention that they do not have this power and in fact this can only really be done after a legal order to remove content. What reputation management companies are able to do however is bury that content so that it never appears high up the search rankings. In order to do this they will post high ranking SEO pieces about the individual or company who they are working with, and they will use that to ensure that the negative content (most of which is fake) never sees the light of day.




Rep management companies perfectly understand the power of online reviews when it comes to a business and in fact many industries such as bars and restaurants, absolutely rely on the review system to bring in more customers and ultimately make more money. Now again the reputation management company doesn’t have the power to remove negative online reviews, even when they are clearly untrue, but they can put an alert system in place so that businesses are aware of when these negative reviews are being left. In doing this businesses are able to turn the negative review into a positive piece of marketing. Let’s say that someone has a bad experience at your restaurant on a Monday night and leaves a scathing review the next morning, you can get back at them on the same day, apologize that things weren’t up to the expected standard and offer a free meal. In doing this you will appease the customer who had the issue and you will also show the world that you’re human, you make mistakes but you are willing to try and make up for them, that will bring in even more custom!


These are the key areas which a rep management company will hit first, before delving deeper into the overall online reputation of a company.