Marketing is becoming more complex, not only because of the great number of technological advances but also because of a general mind shift within the population. As time goes on and each market becomes more specialized, marketing professionals also need to become more specialized to meet the growing demands of each industry.

Not all types of marketing will work as well for each industry and so the ways in which to market products largely depends on the type of product being marketed. However, there are a few skills that form the basis of a successful marketer within every industry in every market. Here is a brief rundown on some of the skills you should have as a foundation if you intend make a career in the field of marketing.

A Degree in Marketing

Although there are a great number of ‘self-made entrepreneurs’, it is a bit misleading because a great number of people are laboring under the misconception that those entrepreneurs had no formal training. Actually, a large number of successful marketers do have a degree. Some studied on a campus such as Arizona State and others opted to take an online marketing degree program. In either case, that undergrad degree goes a long way in validating that marketer’s ability to target an audience and effectively boost sales for his or her client. Marketing is so much more than advertising and that’s why a formal education goes a very, very long way.

Excellent Communications Skills

When marketing, you are working to promote your client’s brand or products. For this reason, you have to have an excellent grasp of communications, both spoken and written. One thing you will study in a marketing degree online is how to engage potential customers so they open up to you and communicate their wants and needs. This is an essential skill in marketing and one that you can learn to develop. There were many years in the past that experts thought you were either an excellent communicator or you weren’t but it is now proven that you can be taught communications skills.

A Solid Understanding of Analytics

Another common misconception in marketing is that statistics are central to a successful marketing campaign, but that is only half the story. It’s what you do with those statistics that really matters. For this reason, it is vital to have the tools to analyze those stats in order to project a future course. Without a solid foundation in analytics it is almost impossible to make sense of those key metrics.

While these are just a few of the qualifications and skills which every marketer should have, they are sufficient to show just how specialized the field has become. It is imperative to have a basic understanding of economics, written and spoken communications as well as analytics and also advertising. If you are thinking of becoming a marketer, take the time to get that degree. It will give you the foundation upon which to build and a way to acquire the qualifications and skills you need to be successful in your trade.