Public health, by the vary name, implies that it is something that applies to the general population, be it a rural, city, county, regional, national or even international reach. This particular sector is responsible for gathering data on diseases, infectious and systemic, and then working to affect cures and promote an awareness in the general population. Public health officials such as those who attained a master in public health from a renowned school such as USC, University of Southern California, are always in the public eye and that’s why public health and the internet are a match made in heaven.

Consider what this means to promoting an awareness of major issues, an awareness with global reach simply because of the Information Superhighway that wasn’t possible really even a decade ago. Yes, the internet has been around a lot longer than that but now that it’s gone mobile, its reach is even further and faster. Here are some of the things made possible by the marriage of public health and the Internet.

Changes in Vaccines and Vaccinations

Can you imagine how bad some influenzas would be if there were no public health officials with a reach as global as the Internet? Flu vaccines change from year to year as does their method of development and their method of delivery. Some changes this year were made public on the internet at a September 29 tele-briefing from the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in which Dr. Tom Frieden, M.C., M.P.H. spoke to the world on this year’s changes in flu shots.

He spoke of the various changes in how they were to be delivered, with injections being the only recommended delivery and then he spoke of how the elderly were advised to get a special shot that is up to four times as strong as that given to younger adults. While doctors should be apprised of this, the general public needs to be informed of the gravity of the situation and that H1N1 is still a very real threat and vaccinations are essential. Thanks to the internet, the general public has been apprised of the changes in the 2016 – 2017 flu vaccines.

Zika Virus Telebriefings

Then there is the Zika virus that is spread through mosquito bites and this is a huge concern to pregnant women because of the deformities it can cause in her unborn child. Had public health officials not had access to the internet and its wide reach, millions of mothers and their unborn children might have been needlessly infected. The latest series of tele-briefings deal with the Zika Virus outbreak in Miami-Dade County and mosquitos found to be infected with this virus. Again, thanks to the Internet, the general public knows where to avoid being outdoors at what times of day and in what weather conditions the mosquitos are most likely to swarm.

Students who study online MPH programs for their online public health degree already recognize the beauty of the Internet. This is how they are getting that post-graduate degree and this is where they will most likely spend countless hours during their career. Yes, if you think about it, it truly is a match made in heaven – at the very least, a match made in the Cloud.