Designing the perfect office isn’t just about selecting the right tablets, chairs and storage solutions. To really bring your workspace to life, you have to focus on the smaller details and accessories too. If you want to ensure your working environment looks and feels the part, consider adding these simple but effective office extras.

A space for your workers to socialise

All work and no play can be bad news for your personnel. Unless people have the opportunity to relax during their breaks, their stress levels can soar. It’s no surprise then that a rising number of companies are creating relaxation areas for their employees where they can eat, chat to colleagues and generally unwind. Rather than standard furnishings, these break areas tend to feature more quirky, colourful seats, tables and accessories. Office supply specialists like Furniture At Work™ have switched onto the rising demand for these less formal furnishings and now offer an array of vibrant, fun creations that can be ideal for break areas. From stylish stools to colourful tub chairs, there are plenty of products to choose from.

If you want to take things a step further, you might want to introduce games to your relaxation room. Tech firms like Google and Facebook have pioneered these playful work zones and provide their personnel with everything from computer consoles to pool tables.

By giving your staff members a space where they can relax and catch up with their colleagues, you can brighten up the look of your office and give morale a boost.

Some well positioned plants

Plants are well worth their place in work areas too. They bring instant colour and vibrancy to rooms, giving them added visual appeal. They might also help to boost the mood of your workers. Various studies have suggested that the presence of plants in offices can help people to function more effectively. One such piece of research, conducted by researchers from Cardiff University, found that bringing plants into workspaces led to an increase in output. The team, who published their results in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, monitored two large offices in the UK and Holland and found that introducing greenery to the workplaces resulted in a 15 per cent rise in productivity.

So, as well as being good news from a visual point of view, adding some foliage to your premises could help to bolster your bottom line.

Attractive artwork

Attractive artwork can give your office extra pizzazz too. By choosing colourful prints that complement your general décor, you can give your walls an instant facelift and ensure your workspace has added style. As well as focussing on the areas that visitors will see, like your reception and boardroom, be sure to include some artwork in your main workspace for the benefit for your staff members.

By following simple design suggestions like these, you should succeed in bringing your office  to life.