Modern businesses need to keep up with the latest practices of marketing that involve online advertising. The world wide web is now a competitive marketplace where all types of businesses try to attract new customers. Search engine optimization is one very important service in internet marketing. SEO can be organic or paid for. Organic search engine optimization involves creating content that can be displayed favorably for search engines without paying for actual advertisement space. 

Text and visual content is optimized in order to attract visitors that type in specific keywords in search engine toolbars. Organic SEO includes manipulating the architectural HTML structure of a website such as meta tags and image tags as well as titles. Search engines look for descriptive html code that provides high quality content on all of the web pages of a site.

Sponsored or paid search engine marketing involves purchasing actual keywords that people may search. Every time a person searches a specific keyword, a website that has bought the keyword is shown in the results page. A business needs to carefully choose the keywords that it wants to bid on for sponsored search.

Mobile marketing is also an essential tool for businesses. These days, a significant amount of users browse the world wide web via smartphones and tablets. An online marketing campaign needs to target mobile platforms that involve creating custom apps and responsive website design. A responsive website is one that changes in appearance and layout when a mobile user views it. Using Orangesoda for online marketing is an example of applying web and mobile technology for advertising campaigns. 

Virtual maps are now very popular internet marketplaces. Businesses want to have their names appear on some of the most popular map services that are available to the public for free. Map directories list various businesses in a specific community. Sometimes, users don’t even have to search for any categories as the businesses automatically appear when the map is zoomed in. 

Online marketing also involves creating listings in popular internet directories. Web surfers are always looking for local businesses that are listed on reliable and trustworthy directory pages. There aren’t any fees associated with listing businesses at online directories. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of any free resources that can provide some exposure to online customers. Social media and networking sites can also be used in online marketing to attract brand new customers.