For those who have a pet at home, you know exactly how it feels like when your furry companion is not keeping well. You will do your best to nurse your pet back to health. A trip to the vet, buying medication, preparing a warm bed for your pet; yes you do it all. Treating your sick pet can cost you a lot. From vet fees, to medication; diagnosis to routine check up’s, you will end up paying much, if you do not consider the option of having your pet insured. Just like other members of your family, as well as your house and car are covered against health issues and damages, you can also get pet insurance to assist you pay those hefty bills when your pet needs medical attention.

The Insurance Market

The key to buying insurance is to review and compare various options available in the market, find one that caters to your needs and pocket, and make your move. One such company having an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau; a 4.8 upon a 5 customer rating review to go by and awesome customer reviews, is Healthy Paws. Insurance costs here depend on certain factors like the age and breed of your pet. This company has a host of schemes on offer for its clients to choose from. Add on benefits include a discount for clients who enrol more than one of their pets under the schemes offered. Client Pet Insurance Reviews validate the claims of this company as the best in the business.

Pet Health

Second to Healthy Paws is PetPlan. With centres across the States, in UK as well as in parts of Canada, this company has a positive rating of 4. The schemes offered by this company covers vet fees, medication, diagnostic treatments and non-routine dental care check up’s and the client enjoys the benefit of choosing a plan that provides great returns. A special scheme called the ‘Gold Plan’ provides a reimbursement to clients who make and distribute fliers should their pet get lost or stolen. A base insurance scheme ranges from $23.95 to $27.94 while the Gold Plan could go up to $50.00.

Customers have referred this company to family and friends praising the service and benefits of having enrolled their pets under this various schemes on offer.


Discount the Damages

Nobody wants to be left out of the business so Embrace, the third ranked company in terms of service and benefits rendered, has offers for its clients that are unrivalled. Insurance plans care priced at $14.95 to $28.95 per month. Special discount s are available for you if you insure more than one pet, or if your pet is neutered, or if you were a part or currently serve in the armed. If you pay your policy on an annual basis, you are entitled to another five percent of discount on your payment.

With a list of companies and great Pet Insurance Reviews to go by, the choice can be a little difficult. Whichever company and pan you choose, your pet will benefit and your pocket won’t get hurt as bad as it could.