The differences between children of yesteryear and today’s children can be very notorious and among them we can highlight the game, as there was a time when children played since I woke up they should go to sleep, running, jumping, playing dress-up and created countless stories of his active imagination, the “new kids” have changed the way they play, many of them replaced all this physical activity by the passive entertainment that can produce them on the TV, video games or even the internet.

Some parents may come to feel happy with these activities and that somehow keep their children “under control”, but decades of research have shown that the active and imaginative play is more than fun. Raises a healthy development in the broad spectrum of critical areas, intellectual, social, emotional and physical benefits of the game are so important that every day children should be a day to play.

What’s in the game?

It is known that the child’s play creates a foundation for learning and academic success. Through this, the child learns to interact with others, develop language skills, recognize and solve problems and discover their human potential. In short, the game helps the child to meet and find their place in the world.

As for the physical development

Another factor why some parents prefer to exclude or limit the play of their children is the desire to protect them all, however, active play with their rudeness and falls, facilitates the brain development of the child is a natural way to prevent obesity and according to research breaks also contribute to a better academic performance of children.

The academics also favored

That’s it! There is a close link between play and learning correct as the foundation for later academic success in reading and writing feel and provides real experiences with everyday materials that help children to develop mathematical and scientific concepts The game is crucial for the development of imagination and creativity to solve problems.

We learn to live in society

As if this were not enough, research suggests that imaginative play is related to increased cooperativeness, empathy and self-control, reducing aggression and above all, getting a better social and emotional development.

It is clear that the healthy children of all ages would love to play, they take advantage of this situation and experts in child development say that having enough time for the game is one of the keys that lead to happiness in adulthood.

Today there are an infinite number of educational games such as Friv that allow children to learn letters, words, numbers, and colors are very young, and technology is a tool to reach and provides us the opportunity to teach our children from the home.

The significant learning allows children through activities that are meaningful to them, appropriate reading, writing, math logical thinking, values ​​in the use of this tool called Technology.