Running a business depends on a large part in marketing. Effective marketing dictates how your target market sees your business or how your clients view your products. However, marketing also influences how your prospective business partners view the business and affect their decision to invest. Here are some tips on how you can impress potential business partners:

First impression is lasting

In business, this adage rings truest. You have to make a lasting first impression that will show them what the business is all about. If you are meeting a group of potential business partners who will be flying from a different city or state, engage the services of a corporate jet charter and have them flown from their city to yours. By the time they arrive at the airport tarmac, have chauffeured transportation meet them. Be sure to meet them personally at the airport if you can. This shows the hands-on approach you have with the business and your commitment.

Good manners

Be in your best behavior. Make sure to get their names right, as well as the honorific such as “Dr.” or “Mr.” Make eye contact whenever you are talking to them but don’t stare. Offer your hand first for a handshake when greeting them. Make the proper introductions among all the people you will be meeting with. If you will be giving them a tour of the facilities of the company or the office, make sure that all the employees have been briefed beforehand so that they themselves will be on their best behavior. It is important to make a good first impression wherever and whenever you can.

Be well informed

Make sure you are well-versed with all the aspects of your business. Know all the relevant numbers and figures that will back up your claims during the presentation. Be honest about the company’s finances as business investors are very wary about their future investments. Be truthful but optimistic about expected returns of their investments. These are businessmen and of course, they would want to know how they will be profiting from their investments.

Nail your pitch

Prepare your sales presentation well beforehand. Make it concise and not too complicated. State how your business and your products will stand out from the rest, how they differ, and how they will succeed when others might not. Accentuate special characteristics or special needs that will be answered by your products. Make the presentation creative and compelling. Investors will remember more information if they are being entertained or intrigued by the presentation. Practice making the presentation before the actual day. Make sure you understand everything contained in the presentation, as well as those issues that may be related to your business. Investors might quiz you about issues connected to your business, that they may already be familiar with. As you came prepared, so are they. It is after all an investment they are interested in making and they intend to protect their investments.