Changing Digital Technologies Impact Hospitality Solutions


The digital marketplace in today’s society has and continues to change the way all industries, whether big or small do business. One such industry is the hospitality arena.


While the hotel industry is a great example of an industry, enabling hospitality solutions these digital technologies impacts all service industries such as hospitals, law firms, medical offices, and really, any type of business. Because all industries must go digital and advance and constantly improve on their digital technologies to keep with these advancements to increase profits and keep you the consumer satisfied and happy with that company’s hospitality solution.


Example, Hotels and Hospitality Solutions


There are new solutions like Fourth to help the hospitality industry. For example, years ago motels, and hotels were a place where you could sleep to gain more energy for what the next day held. Motels and hotels were places where you could shower the day’s dust off, rest, relax, refresh, revitalize, and feed your body so you could proceed on down the road. These homes away from home stops were a valuable asset to any traveler on the road.


Because of digital technologies, the hospitality industry has become much more, expanding a simple shower and comfortable bed into so much more.


Because digital technologies are here to stay this demands that hotels offer reliable and strong bandwidths to accommodate your needs. It makes no difference if you are traveling for pleasure or business, you no doubt needed to stay connected with your business, family, and friends. When you need to access the Internet you need it now and as quickly as possible with no waiting or interruptions. Because digital technologies are a central part of your life you want a hotel meeting these needs. Thus, Internet accommodations are probably close to the top of must-haves when checking into hotel services.


Most motels are a thing of the past because these simple drive up to the door motels have expanded into much larger establishments putting these smaller mom and pop motels into the arena of the larger hotel. Along with this expansion came changes to the way that these establishments do business and digitalized security. While some hotels still may offer traditional keys most have thrown away the metal keys, replacing them with key cards with individualized codes to enter assigned rooms.


You no longer must deal, with hotel staff to reserve rooms. All of the reservation, check-in, and checkout process are done via smartphone, PC, tablet, or laptop. You can order food and any service via the same route and bypass human contact altogether. Everything connected to your hotel stay is now automated. Just as you can sync your smartphone with everything to do with your home, you can in the future connect everything that has to do with your hotel room with your smartphone. Hotels of the near future put you in complete control of your stay. All services connected to your hotel stay can be controlled by your phone such as,


. Connection with the most recent deals, perks, rewards programs, and more

. Reservations

. Checking-in

. Checking-out

. Ordering meals

. Laundry pick-up and delivery

. Ordering transportation

. Controlled room temperature

. Turn on and off lights

. Control the television


While many of these options are not yet available, they are expected to be available very soon.


Hospitality Solutions Targets Marketing and Business Profits


While word of mouth remains the best form of marketing for any and all businesses including the hotel industry, it is the digital reviews that boost profits of any business. You probably find it easier to post on social media any pros and cons about your experience with a specific company and you never have to fool around with human contact or fear an altercation. If a company such as a hotel chain does not meet your expectation all you have to do is type in a few words and press a button. Negative and positive digital reviews done in a matter of seconds reaches multitudes of people and can make or break any company.