When you run a small business it can be hard to free up funds to be used for marketing and although it is of course a key part of growing the business, the decision isn’t always easy to make. I run a small tour company here in Coconut Creek, Florida and around 4 years ago we were struggling to attract new business. This vicious circle meant that we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing. After doing some research online I stumbled across the Etarget media reviews, a company who specializes in targeted email marketing. The reviews were mostly from small business owners who had found great benefits of using this service, so we decided to give it a go. The marketing campaign revolutionized our business and here is how it can do the same for yours.


The People Who Matter


After two or three rounds of sending emails we had drilled down to recipients who had shown an interest in this type of business before and who would be far more likely to use our services. This is a real game changer in the marketing industry as it took a different approach to the rest. Instead of simply marketing to all and sundry, we were able to market to the people who matter and to people who would be far more likely to appreciate this type of correspondence.


Existing Customers


Contrary to what I first thought, email marketing is not just about bringing in new customers, it is also about working on communicating with existing customers. During the early days of our company everything was conducted via email so we had an extensive list of email addresses from those who we had already done business with. We decided to send out emails to these existing customers to remind them that we were still here and to update them on the business. As it happened the highest response which we got from the campaign was from these existing customers and it really gave our business a big boost.


Use of Mobile


For many years it was thought that email marketing was dead because of the low uptake and engagement of emails from recipients. Something which has had a huge impact on this is the use of mobile phones for email reading and we have seen a significant boost in the engagement of promotional emails. What adds an extra bonus to this is that through targeted emails we can address people by name, we can promote things that we know that they are interested in and we can make the whole experience far more personalized than ever before. People didn’t get tired of receiving promotional emails, they got tired of receiving spammy and worthless emails which provided them with no value. Thanks to this newer approach we can get far more traction from the recipients of the emails.


If you want to give your business much needed boost, this is the way to go about it.