As a small business owner, money is tight. You will most likely create your website if you are computer literate. Even if you cannot do it yourself, you can have a family member do it for you. Either way, you will save money in the process.

How to Get Started

The first thing to do is to choose a professional website design for your site. There are various themes from which to choose for a small business web design. Whether you are selling fruits, flowers, or whatever product, there is a theme to suit your company’s needs.

Choosing a Domain Name

The domain name registration is free. You will get unlimited web storage space, a business email address, and a professional stock image library. You will also have access to a Do-It-Yourself Website Builder.

Pick a domain name that matches the type of business you own. Type it in the domain name directory to see if the name is available. You can use a variation on the name if the one that you have chosen has already taken.

Web Hosting

You will need to pick a web host. The same site that offers the domain also has hosting capabilities. This is where your website will get kept. Your site will keep running for 24 hours per day. People will be able to have access to your site whether your computer is on or off.

Unlimited Web Storage

You will have the opportunity store an unlimited amount of documents. You can save countless photos, videos, and music files. Additionally, you will be able to set up numerous websites under that one domain that you own. You can have a site for eCommerce, a website that provides professional services, or whatever site you want to create.

Business Email Address

You do not have to use your personal email address. You will get a free email account with a web host. It is a part of the package. You will look more professional with a business email account. To get started, you can create the email address from the control panel that you get from the hosting company.

The email address should include the domain name. That will make it easier for people to remember. You can forward emails from your professional web email to your personal email account. Set it up to get redirected to your account. This will omit the additional step of logging in separately to view your email. You will have it in one place.

Professional Stock Image Library

You will get the opportunity to choose images for which you do not have to pay. The images get organized by business categories so that you will have various choices based on the list.

Do-It-Yourself Website Builder

You can build the website without having the knowledge of HTML and CSS codes. Everything is already setup. All you have to do is create the site based on your personal preference. You can do the process quickly and easily.