Companies are required to conform to certain gas security requirements. However, it has subsequently been discovered that numerous small companies are oblivious of this.

520 companies were studied and 20% of them revealed they didn’t know at what time to check their gas applications – putting all their workers at risk.

You should make sure that everything is in working order before winter starts. Boilers are more likely to breakdown in winter, so you should have it inspected before.

Almost one-third of the people questioned said they would be happy to receive extra information on their requirements as a business for gas safety.

The Public Liability Insurance that covers business premises may not be valid if there is an accident and it is discovered that that company did not have their gas appliances reviewed. Councils should inspect their local businesses gas appliances on a regular basis.

Gas appliances need to be reviewed bi-annually. This is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

There are 5 things to remember about keeping your gas appliances in working order without putting your staff’s health at risk.

  1. Make sure that your room is always at the right temperature by checking a thermostat. This will let you know when it’s ok to switch the heating off and when you need to switch it on. Once you know the timings, you can set the timer to switch the heating on at central times.

  2. Having a maintenance contract is a great idea for businesses. However, you should make sure that it’s one that has a good response time. This shows that you have somebody to call in the event of an emergency and you take your safety requirements seriously.

  3. Get the most out of your central heating system by using an inhibitor to protect and flush your power system.

  4. Protect your structure and any vulnerable pipework and containers that might freeze.

  5. Have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted.

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