With the continuous advancement in technology, energy-efficient appliances like air conditioners, are now available in the market. Choosing the right size, brand and model for your home will not only make your place comfortable, but you can also have peace of mind that it will not consume excess energy. However, there are various issues with your AC system that may cause the electric bill to go up. You must know them so you can get the help of a Brighton air conditioning service provider to fix the issue right away.

Duct leaks

The ducts are where the cooled air travel from the unit to the different rooms in your home. If there are leaks on the pipes, it will take longer for the system to achieve the desired temperature. Since the process takes longer, it will also consume more power. If it continues to happen, then you will see a spike in your electric bill. Get the leak fixed as soon as possible to avoid costly power charges.

Improper installation

It can lead to several problems like bad wiring and missing vital parts. These concerns will cause the AC unit to malfunction. It will not only generate higher power bills, but it can also cause early damage that would require repair. Let a professional AC installer do your installation. If it requires replacement or repair, make sure an expert do the job too.

Old air conditioner

As mentioned, newer AC models are now energy-efficient. It means that they consume lower wattage, thus making them cost-effective. If your AC unit is over ten years old and you see a continuous increase in your power bill, it may be time for an upgrade. Air conditioners become lesser efficient as they age.

Lack of maintenance

An air conditioning system that is not maintained correctly will work inefficiently and will contribute to the increase in your electric cost. Do not wait for a problem to arise before you get your AC serviced. Get regular maintenance to prevent issues from occurring, and also to keep it functioning at its finest.

Damaged parts

Broken or malfunctioning parts like capacitors and motors will affect the overall performance of the system. For example, if the condenser motor is malfunctioning, it will be hard to cool your home. The unit needs to work extra hard to achieve the set temperature on the thermostat. The longer it takes to get to the ideal temperature, the higher the energy consumption will be. Replace the damaged parts right away to save on electric.

Unclean air filter

Dirty filters can affect the airflow, and it can cause the room to take time to cool. If you have reusable filters, clean them regularly to avoid dirt build-up. For replaceable filters, see to it that you replace them every month.

Poor home insulation

If your home is not adequately insulated, cold air will easily escape, thus making it difficult to maintain a balanced temperature indoors. Install proper insulation to prevent this issue, including weather stripping on doors and windows.

These are some of the common causes of the electric bill going up due to air conditioning. You can avoid these problems with the help of an expert AC provider.


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