Bharat Bhise HNA is a good colleague of mine and we have both been working in cyber security for around 10 years. Bharat was talking to me the other day about the changing face of cyber security which we have both witnessed in the last decade, and this gave me pause for thought about just how much has changed. Something which Bharat rightly commented on was the improved awareness from many businesses when it comes to having these systems installed, in the past Bharat and I would have to knock down doors to try and motivate people to be more security conscious. Despite this change in approach Bharat and I still run into business owners who still don’t understand the importance of cyber security, if you are in that boat then here is why you need to send money on protecting your business.


It Happens


Cyber attacks happen each and every day and packers are constantly becoming more and more sophisticated. The worrying thing for a business which doesn’t have cyber security in place is that their systems could be hacked by a teenager sitting in there bedroom wearing pajamas, it can be that easy. Cyber attacks have happened to some of the world’s biggest companies, which means that it can also happen to you.




Bharat and I often have to talk with business owners and tell them that having cyber security is just as important as having a lock on the door, CCTV installed and burglar alarms. What is even more surprising is their reaction when we tell them that in fact they have more chance of being hacked than broken into, and should this happen there will be much more damage done.


Sensitive Information


On business computers you will find all manner of vital and sensitive information stored on there. Customer details such as their identity and their bank account numbers, business plans, employee information and a whole host of material is stored on our systems which we wouldn’t want anyone else to see. This is what is at risk when there is a cyber attack, all of this information will be out in the open, up for sale to the highest bidder.




In terms of the damage which a cyber attack can have on your business we are talking about a serious loss of money, a damaged reputation and a huge amount of time spent on the recovery. Imagine if your customers have trusted you with information and then it gets stolen, how many customers do you think will come back to the business? The money which you’ll lose as a result of the damage caused will far outweigh the money which you will spend on protecting the computer systems within your business.


The world has changed a lot and one of the biggest threats to businesses all over the world is cyber attacks, make sure that you have taken steps to lock everything down.