There’s no denying that operating a small business can be challenging, however, when it comes to operating a small business online the challenge is largely making your products stand out on a computer screen. If you’re looking for budget-minded tips to increase the appeal of your products, read ahead.


Find Real Comparisons

There is a little-known selling tactic known as employing decoy products. With this practice, a seller will place their sale items around two unattractive items to ensure the sale item stands out. The problem with this traditional method is that buyers have quickly become savvy to it. Instead, we recommend finding genuinely comparable items and selling all three at once and displaying them side by side in promotional materials. If a buyer is able to see a genuine comparison, not only are they likely to buy from you because they feel you are an honest seller, there is a very real chance they will choose the higher priced item because they can see real comparable benefits.

Happy Snaps Just Won’t Do

While there was once a time when anybody could set up an online store and use photos from their phone to sell items, buyers are quickly demanding more polish. And given that they aren’t able to physically interact with the items they purchase before they hand over their money, who can blame them. Groupon Coupons have a great page for Canon products where you can pick up a high-end camera for a decent price. Look for one that offers high-end photo taking abilities and re-take your stock photos. If you are feeling adventurous, take photos from a few angles and blend them into a 360-degree view for buyers to interact with. This can help make your products appear more real and appealing.

Advertise in the Right Way

Linked to the point above, shy way from taking shots of your products in traditional environments where they can often blend in, such as a model holding a handbag walking through the park. Instead, put the handbag on a small pile of bricks with a blurred construction site behind it. Buyers will naturally draw their attention to the contrasting item in a photo, meaning more attention is paid to your handbag and less attention paid to what’s happening in the background.

Of course, neither of these tips are going to be much help unless you advertise correctly. Once you have taken the above ideas, and with your new online product images ready to be displayed, research your customers thoroughly and ensure your advertising is reaching them correctly using statistical tools available from many social media sites.