U.S. News & World reports ranks Chicago Booth among the top ten business schools in the country. The MBA curriculum encourages students to learn advanced problem solving skills through courses that immerse them in economics, statistics and behavioral science. In addition, students benefit from association with the University of Chicago. Graduates go on to serve as leaders in business, industry and the community. Currently, the cost of attendance for the Booth MBA program is nearly $117,000. At first glance, this price tag may appear out of reach to many applicants. The truth is, an MBA graduate holds incredible earning potential and financing the cost of the program should be considered an investment for the future.


Booth MBA students work with world-renowned faculty, dedicated to supporting a community of excellence. Professor Eugene Fama was awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. Fama is the seventh Booth faculty member to be honored with the prestigious award. Other faculty and alumni have been named among the leaders in global business, working to affect positive change throughout the entire world.


The most common type of Booth financing is student loans. Students have access to a variety of programs designed to help make graduate school accessible and affordable. Unfortunately, many traditional loans come with an unnecessarily high cost. Many students find Federal loans to be the most appealing option, but not every student will qualify. Private loans require students to meet stringent credit requirements and almost always require a cosigner. Fortunately, there is a better way to get affordable Booth Financing.

Socially Responsible Lending, Financially Responsible Borrowing


Booth financing with Commonbond.co is a financially and socially responsible borrowing option for students interested in attaining an MBA at one of the nation’s elite business schools. The loan program offered through this organization provides access to affordable Booth financing. Low interest loans with a ten-year loan term put a Booth MBA within reach for many students who might be considered too high of a risk by other lenders. Graduates who experience hardships during repayment have the option to seek a deferment, just as they would with Federal Booth financing programs.

MBA alumni investors, who know first-hand the demand for qualified business leaders and the incredible earning power of a Booth graduate, come together to provide educational opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders. They understand the importance of affordable Booth financing and recognize that a student’s current financial and credit situation should not be the only deciding factor. In addition, Commonbond investors and borrowers share a common goal of driving positive global change through the advancement of education across the globe.

Commonbond partners with the Pencils of Promise program and each year, covers the cost of sending a student to school for an entire year. If you use Commonbond for your Booth financing, you will be contributing to this very worthwhile cause.
Pencils of Progress has built more than 150 schools, impacting more than 150,000 lives through its generosity.