Over the last decade, we have seen a significant shift in our own shopping habits. Gone are the days when shopping for clothes, shoes or even grocery meant heading to the nearest store, picking up things that you want, paying for it and carrying the bags back home. Today, all we do is open an app, select what we want, pay online, and get the products delivered home. It is convenient, as well as saves money. This trend has also opened the doors to a great opportunity for retailers to build their online stores and drive sales. Technology has also stepped up to this change with cloud computing offering some amazing benefits to e-commerce portals.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for E-Commerce Platforms

Here is a quick look at the top 5 ways in which cloud computing benefits e-commerce stores:

#1. Instant scalability of resources

Most e-commerce sites prefer Cloud Hosting Services over the traditional ones for a wide range of reasons. The ability to scale the resources up or down in no time is one of the most attractive features of Cloud Hosting for such platforms. As the business grows, the site can increase the resources without having to spend on creating a huge IT infrastructure at the onset of the business.

#2. Enhanced Site Stability

In the age of social media, most websites resort to ad campaigns on Facebook or Instagram or other such sites to attract traffic. Whether it is a new product or service that is getting launched or a time-bound promotional campaign, social media platforms are one of the major drivers of traffic today. Also, it is impossible to predict when and how much traffic these platforms would be able to generate for every advertisement or campaign.

Hence, as an e-commerce store owner, you need to be ready to manage the traffic spikes without letting them affect the performance of your store. Cloud Hosting data centers are designed keeping such requirements in mind. Also, instant resource scalability allows you to ensure a website that performs well even under such conditions offering a stable experience to users.

#3. Better Site Speed = More Conversions

It is no secret that users expect e-commerce platforms to have blazing fast speeds. There are many reasons for it. Users need to sort through thousands of products before deciding the one they like, which takes time and requires good page loading speed. Also, since many users pay for the products using the net banking or credit card options, they would like a fast site so that the payment process goes through seamlessly.

Most Cloud Hosting providers offer blazing fast site speeds by integrating a CDN as well as caching servers. This means that you have a better chance at conversions!

#4. Cost Efficiency

Let’s say that you are just starting your online store. Budget is an obvious concern at this stage. Right from creating the e-commerce website to managing it, is a time and cost-consuming affair. Hence, when it comes to hosting, you need a plan that does not have heavy upfront costs and can grow with your business.

A Cloud Hosting service is exactly that. You pay only for the resources that you use, and you can scale up as your business grows. This makes it a cost-efficient option.

#5. Site and Data Security

While this is essential for all websites, e-commerce portals succeed if the customers trust them. After all, they are entering their personal as well as financial information (for payment) and rely on you to transmit it securely. Any slip up here can have financial implications as well as the loss of reputation.

With Cloud Hosting, you can be assured of the highest security measures to protect your site and data against malicious attacks and viruses. Talk to the hosting provider about the security measures and tools deployed before buying a plan.

Summing Up

As an e-commerce site owner, cloud computing offers many opportunities to grow your business and make a mark in this highly competitive market. Assess your hosting requirements carefully and find a good cloud hosting plan that helps you offer the best services to users. Good Luck!