If you’ve been tasked with the duties of planning your corporate celebration, take pleasure in the job and make it fun for you and your colleagues. Taking care of the details will be an enjoyable part of the entire effect and can give you a great deal of personal satisfaction in a job well done. Although it may seem like a monumental task at first, take a deep breath and follow some of the tips below to get a handle on the job and make this the best party your company has ever had.


  1. The first thing to do is to develop a theme for your party. This will guide you when you make decisions about the food, the decorations, and the entertainment. Make sure that the theme that you choose is appropriate for your company and will enhance the entire event for everyone. You may want to take some time to research the types of decorations that are available for various themes before you begin.

  2. Set a budget. Before you can buy the first thing you must know how much you have available to spend. You’ll have to pay for food, beverages, venue rental, invitations, and the entertainment that you want to have. If you don’t know how much to estimate, consult with the professionals in the catering and entertainment industries to help you with your budget.

  3. Begin to review the venues where your party can be held and meet with the vendors who can make your party a success. You’ll need to discuss:

  • Room rental fees

  • The date and time that you need the facility

  • The arrangements for catering

  • The details of security

  • Decorations

  • Entertainment

Many venues will have decorations that you can use free of charge but it’s always a good idea to see what you need and what you can get without paying.

  1. Make a list of things that need to be done and when they need to be finished. This can include invitations, decorations, and the food and beverage needs. Be sure to include the signing of contracts with vendors so that you will be assured that things are proceeding properly; always keep a copy of contracts in case any questions or concerns arise.

  2. Book the entertainment that you believe to be appropriate for your company’s celebration. It’s best to work with a corporate entertainment professional so that you can save time, money, and be assured of getting quality acts for your celebration. You’ll have expert guidance as you make decisions on the band that you prefer or the tribute acts that you feel the employees of your company would enjoy. Just having an experienced set of eyes and hands working with you on this project is sure to make your event a success.

Take time the week before your celebration to double check so that you will know you haven’t forgotten any details. Check back with your corporate entertainment professional to be assured that your dates are booked and that everything is proceeding according to schedule.

Using this set of tips to help you plan your corporate celebration will give you peace of mind as the date of the party draws closer.

Image courtesy of: FreeDigitalPhotos.net Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee