There are several different reasons you could benefit from a lighted business sign as well as provide a huge benefit to your own community. This type of lighting of course is a more expensive than just an ordinary sign with the name of your business; however, once you realize the advantages you may wish to invest a bit more into your sign instead of wasting your advertising dollars on a newspaper advertisement.


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Of course, a lighted sign will easily be seen at night which can make a huge difference for some businesses such as hotels and restaurants that stay open after regular business hours. On the other hand, if you realize that with a lighted sign you are actually advertising your business around the clock which can add to your revenue. Passerby’s may not notice your business if you do not have a lighted sign, but with a sign they can see at any time of the day or night, they will be more apt to look for your business when they need your products or services instead of looking through the phone book. Not only will a lighted sign be visible at night but even in all kinds of weather conditions from a foggy day to a snow blizzard.

Business Success

As mentioned above, your business will be put in minds of those that see the sign which is better advertising than many other advertising options. A business that has a lighted sign will be on the forefront of potential customers minds so they will not have to search for a business that offers what they need. The Small Business Administration explained in a recent report that lighted signs are more cost effective way of advertising especially for small businesses that cannot afford the high costs associated with television ads, billboards and newspaper ads. The lighted sign can provide a fast and even easy branding method that will help your business succeed.

Provide Information

With a lighted business sign you can add more than just the name of your business. You could easily add other information such as your hours, sales or even provide weather conditions for travelers.

Reach Targeted Traffic

This kind of goes along with the success of your business; however, this benefit has more to do with the position of your business sign and the type of traffic you desire. If you are a hotel, you will want to ensure that travelers will see your sign at least as far away as they will be able to slow down in order to turn into your drive. For restaurants, especially those located nearby interstates will need their signs place high into the sky so travelers will be able to take the right road to reach your establishment.


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Provide Public Safety

By placing your lighted business sign in the proper location on your property you can actually give your customers a more secure area to park their vehicles to visit your business. Even during the times your business is closed, the sign will light up the community so that others will feel more secure and it will deter criminals from theft to other businesses as well as your own.