If you’re running an Ecommerce website, making your visitors feel safe and secure enough to make a purchase with you is one of the greatest things you can accomplish. However, with all the shady stuff that can happen online, it makes sense why many online shoppers are leery about purchasing something from a website that they’re not familiar with. To avoid these types of issues with your Ecommerce site, here are three ways you can make your online customers feel safe about purchasing items from you on your website.


Showcase Trust Icons and Logos


A trust icon, also know as a trust logo or trust badge, is a seal or emblem from an outside source that is meant to add credibility to your business. Although subconscious, many website visitors look for these types of badges and feel safer using websites that visibly showcase their affiliation with these trusted organizations.


According to Andy Hagans of MonetizePros.com, some of the most influential and beneficial trust badges to include on your website are from PayPal, McAfee, the BBB and more. If there is a business or organization out there that is known for being trustworthy and reputable, having their endorsement in the form of a trust badge will only help to make your visitors feel safer using your services as well.


Use Reputable Purchase Processing Services


Putting your credit card information into an unknown website is a security risk that many people aren’t willing to make. So if you’re using a purchase processing software that many people aren’t familiar with, it can really do some damage on your sales numbers.


To help make your customers feel safe with giving you any of their private information that’s required to make a transaction with you, be sure you’re using a reputable purchase processing software that has a payment portal you trust with keeping their information safe. This payment portal should encrypt their data while authorizing the transaction in order for your customers to know that their information is being protected from online threats.


Provide Real Testimonials


One of the easiest ways to help make your online visitors feel safe on your website and develop a deeper level of trust for you and your brand is to provide real testimonials from your previous users. To get the best testimonials, Derek Gehl, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, shares that the testimonials you highlight on your website shouldn’t be too sales-y, should explain the benefits of working with you specifically, and should be from someone credible. If you’re able to use solid testimonials to encourage sales, your customers will feel an added measure of trust that they can’t get anywhere else.

To have a successful online business, you have to build a certain level of trust with your consumers. To achieve this level of trust on your website, use the tips mentioned above to being increasing your credibility today.